Nicnacjak.net is home to The Nicnacjak Podcast Network. The Nicnacjak Podcast Network is run by the podcasting and flight sim personality Nicolas Jackson (they/them).

Nicolas started their personal podcast The Nicnacjak Podcast in May of 2006. In 2010, Nicolas started production of a series flight simulation themed episodes called FSRideAlong. In the past 15 years Nicolas has produced over 400 podcast episodes along with volunteering their time to produce and host shows’ for internet and community radio.

In October of 2020, Nicolas expanded their web offerings to include a remote tech support service for flight simmers.  You can lean more about Nicolas’ Flight Sim Services here.

The Nicnacjak Podcast and The FSRideAlong episodes along with show notes can be found in your favorite podcast app or directly downloaded from this website.

Please feel free to support the podcast by leaving a kind constructive review it in your favorite app, posting a comment on the website, or by sending Nicolas a a kind constructive Tweet or email.

You can also show your support for Nicolas’ work by sending a donation though PayPal

Nicolas is extremely grateful to have had a modest degree of success in internet broadcasting and flight simulation. They thank you for listening and offering your continued support.

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