Flight Sim Support Services

Are you looking to learn about flight simulation?

I offer a range of remote services for all your home flight simulation needs. From setting up your first simulator, to learning about the operation of your favorite airliner and troubleshooting your simulator.

Remote Flight Sim Setup Package:

Includes remote setup and installation of the simulator of your choice + setup and installation of 1 add on aircraft of your choice.

Remote Airliner Setup Package:

Includes remote setup and installation of the airliner of your choice. Popular options include The Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 but there are many more!

Remote Sim Support:

Are you having problems with your simulator? Get the one on one help you need to get back in the air.

Have questions? Feel free to get in touch for a free consultation

Limits Of Consumer Flight Sims

I’ve recently been using X Plane 11 to try and simulate realistic training scenarios for The A350 in hopes that it might be a useful real world tool for pilots. After extensive testing, though, I’ve found that consumer flight simulators do not adequately achieve the level of sophistication needed.

I must sincerely apologize to those that were hoping to find practical uses for this technology. In the end Microsoft Flight Simulator and X Plane are games designed for entertainment. Lockheed Martin’s Prepare 3D is available on the industry level but as a person that uses these products at a consumer level I don’t have access to that platform.

For those that hope to use consumer flight simulators for entertainment proposes I can still help with simulator setup.

If you have questions please email me.

Once again I offer my sincerest apologies.