Flight Sim Services

Are you looking to get some flight simulation tech support?

I offer a range of remote services for all your home flight simulation needs. From finding and designing the computer that is right for your simulation ambitions to setting up and configuring your chosen platform complete with the add ons of your choice and learning about the operation of your favorite aircraft and troubleshooting your simulator.

Remote Sim Computer Design

This is the whole package and includes personalized consultation on buying or designing a computer with the hardware needed to meet your specific simulation goals. Also includes remote set up of your chosen sim platform, one third party add on and one additional hour of one on one remote support. Note that due to current health concerns I will not be building your computer. Although that may become a higher tier option in the future!

Remote Flight Sim Setup Package:

Includes remote setup and installation of the simulator of your choice + setup and installation of 1 add on aircraft of your choice.

Remote Aircraft Setup Package:

Includes remote setup and installation of the add on aircraft of your choice. Popular options include The Boeing 787, Airbus A350 and Cirrus SR22 but there are many more!

Remote Sim Support:

Are you having problems with your simulator? Get the one on one help you need to get back in the air.

Have questions? Feel free to get in touch for a free consultation

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