In this episode Nicolas does their best to come up with a coping and survival mechanism for the times ahead. They conclude that the best approach is to develop a tight knit group of people that one can support and get support from. They also talk about their vote, the problematic mechanics of representation and the potential of the sociocratic mechanic. Finally, they mention their new flight sim service offers.



Flight Sim Support Services

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Limits Of Consumer Flight Sims

I’ve recently been using X Plane 11 to try and simulate realistic training scenarios for The A350 in hopes that it might be a useful real world tool for pilots. After extensive testing, though, I’ve found that consumer flight simulators do not adequately achieve the level of sophistication needed.

I must sincerely apologize to those that were hoping to find practical uses for this technology. In the end Microsoft Flight Simulator and X Plane are games designed for entertainment. Lockheed Martin’s Prepare 3D is available on the industry level but as a person that uses these products at a consumer level I don’t have access to that platform.

For those that hope to use consumer flight simulators for entertainment proposes I can still help with simulator setup.

If you have questions please email me.

Once again I offer my sincerest apologies.

A Fragile Net

Sleep has been more prevalent in my life lately. Sleeping is one of my last resort coping skills. I’ve reached a stage of true micro functionality. My energy is fading.

When I do set upon an activity it is very short lived. Starting a flight only to hit pause or starting to write only to let it collect dust on drive.

I have things I need to be doing.

Being ever cognizant of the fragility of my safety net, I now foresee the eminent failure of the safety net. This possible reality is sobbing and should spring me into quick and decisive action. But, when cornered and out of options I become paralyzed.

Support and validation is proving hard to come by. My thoughts are growing darker and darker.

So many don’t see the stark realities and dismiss my thinking. When will they wake up? More importantly for me, how much can I safely share?

The most practical questions I am asking myself: What conditions are worth enduring? What constitutes a “deal breaker”? When do you make a call?