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In this episode Nicolas talks with Danielle Allen, a black woman organizer who wishes to share her story. Many thanks to Justice For Desmond for their hard work and dedication and for arranging this interview. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/Justice4Desmond


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In this episode Nicolas gives some sage words of wisdom to protesters regarding making sure efforts are sustainable. Nicolas is also seeking to give a platform to Black Community Organizers or allies to answer the question via podcast episode: What is the message you most want to get out there right now? Nicolas also talks about their financial choices for the month of June and their feelings of guilt over the evil organizations they financially contribute to.


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When You Talk About Destruction

Nicolas reacts to the actions of those fighting for justice in Minneapolis. Nicolas comes to the conclusion that with the pandemic, people of color being murdered by police across the country and the mainstream political parties being corrupt and useless, it is time to move past solely non-violent tactics.



Not The Tech Guy I Once Was

In this episode Nicolas traces their tech history over the past 30 years or so (has it really been that long?). Nicolas then goes on to talk about the fact that they are much more of a tech user than a tech geek these days despite their background. This leads Nicolas to wonder, is it even worth it to build a new computer? Nicolas touches on their struggle for meaningful work in light of the pandemic and the way the world is currently going. Finely, Nicolas talks about their laptop troubles which have now piled on to the ongoing desktop drama and the struggle to back up to the cloud.



None of Us Are Free

In this episode Nicolas starts out by musing over the concepts of freedom and privilege and asserts that many confuse these two concepts.Particularly white US citizens. They go on to talk about their personal circumstances and their continued use of poor coping skills.

Check out Solomon Burke’s song “None Of US Are Free.” A song I rediscovered via the classic TV show House MD






It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I Have A Headache

In this episode Nicolas describes and details the beginning of their descent down the drain of society. They also discuss the bleak political and health situation in The US.


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