Shut Up Now

I want to say something. But I don’t know what to say. I want to do something. But I don’t know what to do. I want to leverage what privilege I have. But I don’t know how. And, truth be told, in all this good intention the end result doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. For, being a white person of privilege who appears male. My voice is not one to be heard in this time and place. I should be silent. I should yield. Not self indulge in my precious feelings of gold. Yet here I indulge again. Here I feel a righteous anger that I should have known all along. I shall not forage the path ahead. That is for others. For I cannot comprehend a path when all I have taken all I have known. Lead to the very same place. The podium of an out of touch silver tongued politician bent on the law of obstruction. That is not a path to take. So shut up now. Take a seat. Listen and listen well to those in the know.

Just Listen!

In this episode Nicolas talks with Danielle Allen, a black woman organizer who wishes to share her story. Many thanks to Justice For Desmond for their hard work and dedication and for arranging this interview. For more information visit


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In this episode Nicolas gives some sage words of wisdom to protesters regarding making sure efforts are sustainable. Nicolas is also seeking to give a platform to Black Community Organizers or allies to answer the question via podcast episode: What is the message you most want to get out there right now? Nicolas also talks about their financial choices for the month of June and their feelings of guilt over the evil organizations they financially contribute to.


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