Nicnac Rebirth; Please Send Spoons

In this episode Nicnac is having a rebirth of self after picking a new name to better fit who they are. While they want to embrace the moment for all that it is, they also have a need to process their strife around energy management and the difficulty of living in a culture of compliance. So grab your favorite beverage, grab a breath and join this important moment in Nicnac’s life.



Using my Neurodivergence To Maximize Achievement With Quality In Mind

Show Notes: In this episode Nicolas begins to question their ongoing efforts to change who they are to conform better with neurotypical people. Nicolas refers to The Sims, Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and a preliminary understanding of Buddhism and the social theory of disability to ground their thinking and consider new approaches to their stuckness. How will it play out? Keep listening to find out!



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