SE 12 Ep 16 Shadows Of Occupy

In this episode I talk about how far left my activist bent has taken me over the past eight year and how it serves to isolate me. I question whether the isolation is worth it. I also talk about gender identity and the stigma, stress, and alienation of changing pronouns. I conclude with the announcement that I am gender questioning pan-sexual who’s pronouns are they/them.



SE 12 Ep15 :Collecting My Thoughts

In this episode I try to do some pre production for my radio show surrounding the concept of poverty. I question my experience of poverty and The Reverse American Dream and if it is just relates to my personal mental health issues or it is more of a global post Great Recession Issue. I also talk about my experience reading a history book on the 20th century and how my concept of socialism is different due to coming of age after The Cold War and the fall of The Berlin Wall.



SE 11 Ep 11 You Say You Want A Revolution II

In this episode I update you on my progress on revolution research. It is getting interrupted by real life and my book ADD but I remain committed to the goal.

Books Mentioned:

A Brief History of France: Brief Histories by Cecil Jenkins

A History of the Twentieth Century By Martin Gilbert

Civil Wars: A History in Ideas By David Armitage

Other Books:

Socialism . . . Seriously: A Brief Guide to Human Liberation

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